First Lutheran Church Scholarship Program

About the Program:

First Lutheran Scholarships and the Donna Johnson Memorial Scholarship are two separate scholarships within the First Lutheran Church Scholarship Program. Applicants are encouraged to apply to both, however an individual is only eligible to receive one scholarship.

  • First Lutheran Church Scholarships are one-time, non-renewable awards. The number and amount of individual scholarships will be determined by the amount of funds available each year.
  • The Donna Johnson Memorial Scholarship was initially created to focus on applicants who are first-generation college students and those students with financial need. Preference may be given to those criteria, but applicants are considered as a whole. It is a one-time, non-renewable award in the amount of $5,000.

We strongly encourage students to apply for both scholarships.

The scholarship program is open to all graduating high school seniors who are members of First Lutheran Church, Le Sueur and will be attending a two- or four-year college or university or a vocational-technical trade school.

Recipient selection will be conducted as follows:

  • First Lutheran Scholarships will be selected by the First Lutheran Church Scholarship Committee consisting of six members of First Lutheran Church, one of whom selected will serve as Chair.
  • The Donna Johnson Memorial Scholarship will be selected by a committee consisting of the Pastor, Church Council President, First Lutheran Scholarship Committee Chair, Church Treasurer and a Donna Johnson family member.

When possible, awards will be announced at the spring high school honors program.


How to Apply:

  • Apply with PDF Document:  

    1. Download and save this document to your computer. Your responses can be saved as you enter them. The application must be received in the church office on or before the first Monday of April ( April 3, 2023.) Incomplete and/or late applications may not be considered by the Scholarship Committee. Email all materials to office(at)firstlutheranlesueur(.)org.
    2. A personal statement must be included as part of the application.

    3. A letter of recommendation is required. Choose someone who knows you well and give them the appropriate page to complete and return to you as per instructions. Please refrain from asking the pastor, a family member or relative to complete the letter.

    4. Some information is ONLY needed for those wishing to be considered for the DonnaJohnson Memorial Scholarship. Do not complete those sections if you only wish to be considered for First Lutheran Church Scholarships.

    5. All forms are to be submitted to the church office at office(at)firstlutheranlesueur(dot)org.

    6. All information will be kept confidential and will be used only by the ScholarshipCommittee(s).

  • Apply Online:

    1. Click here to begin online submission.  All sections of the application must be submitted on or before the first Monday of April. Incomplete and/or late applications may not be considered by the Scholarship Committee.






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