Malaria Campaign

2015 Malaria Campaign Off to a “Hairy” Start!
Good News Hour & GIGG students have jump-started our campaign with a competition!
Ask the students or Becky Pollack or Shawn Weick what is at stake!
What? — Malaria Campaign @ First Lutheran Church 2015 is the final year of a 3-year partnership with the Southeastern Minnesota Synod ELCA to raise funds to treat and prevent malaria in Africa. The last 2 years First Lutheran Church surpassed its goal of $2,400 and contributed $3,100 and $2,800, respectively. This year the goal of the Malaria Campaign Team is to once again contribute at least $2,400. This would be the equivalent of $10 per First Lutheran member (720) supplying a mosquito net for
each person in a comparable size village in Africa over a period of 3 years.

Why? — Nature of Malaria
• Malaria is a disease that kills 800,000 people each year.
• 90% of these people live in Africa.
• Most of these people are pregnant women and young children.
• Malaria is a preventable and treatable illness – eliminated in U.S. in 1950’s.
• Ending death from malaria is a goal within reach:
>$10 can provide a mosquito net to protect families while they sleep
>$50 can provide enough medication to treat 25 malaria patients
>$100 can help form a village health team to provide immediate medical
care to those with malaria
>$250 can provide medication to prevent both women and babies from being
impacted by malaria during pregnancy

Who? — First Lutheran Malaria Campaign Team
• Members – Steve Alinder, Carl Bruihler, Dave Johnson, Sue Podhradsky, Becky Pollack,
and Summer St. Pierre.
When? — Malaria Campaign Timeline
• March 29th – April 26, 2015
>M&M cans for GIGG & Good News Hour students – a “hairy” competition!
>Newsletter and periodic inserts in church service bulletins
>Malaria video, PowerPoint, & “Temple Talks” during church services
>Mosquito Net & Infestation Display in narthex
>Contribute in church @ services, office, by mail, or in lieu of Easter Lilies
>International World Malaria Day is April 25th
• April 26th………………………………………………………. Malaria Worship Service & Celebration

How? — Making Malaria Campaign Donations:
• Beginning March 29th – Use envelops in basket next to Mosquito Net & Infestation display in
the church gathering area and put in offering plate or office.
• Donate as an alternative to providing an Easter Lily.

Please make your contributions up thru April 26th.





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