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Summer Bible Camp

Consider sending your youth to Bible Camp this summer.

The Christian Education Team recognizes that there are many great Bible Camps to send kids to but you might want to consider Good Earth Village as it is the camp located within our Synod or Green Lake Lutheran Bible Camp in Spicer. Printed brochures can also found at First Lutheran.
Click here to check out Good Earth Village’s website.
Click here to check out Green Lake Lutheran Bible Camp’s website.

Scholarships Available
What is great to know when considering sending your youth to camp is that FLC will provide scholarships to pay for half the cost of camp up to $200.00 per child attending a Christian Summer Bible Camp. Families are encouraged to apply early in the registration process so scholarship dollars can be sent directly to the camp on behalf of the camper. To apply for the scholarship download the form from the link below or contact the church office.

Click here to download Campership Form.